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Dec 16, - Our third basset, Izzy, is a 5 yr. old rescue we have had for 4 years. Recently noticed her licking her vagina a lot and tonight there was a Private Bits!

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May 16, - A vagina that has been abused to the point that its labia look like It looked like a Bassett Hound Face so I threw a treat at it, scratched her. Vaginal hyperplasia and prolapse refers to a mass which protrudes from the German Shepherds, Springer Spaniels, Walker Hounds, Airedale Terriers, and.

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Inflammation of the vagina in canines is also defined as vaginitis. Characterized by a swollen vaginal area accompanied by discharge, .. Basset Hound. Vaginal discharge is any liquid material that exits the vagina. Clinically significant or abnormal vaginal discharge in dogs is a disruption of Basset Hound.

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Feb 23, - My basset hound just started having a cream colored vaginal discharge. What could it be? She is 3 years old and has - Answered by a verified. Oct 6, - My female basset hound has been excreting runny smelly discharge from her vaginal area. This is not constantly - Answered by a verified Dog.

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Vaginal and vulvar tumors are the second most common canine female reproductive tumor after those of the mammary gland. They constitute % to 3% of. yes some dog breeds cannot have vaginal births if they are too small If it was another basset hound she might not have to have a c-section, but if it was a.

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Female dogs can develop an odd smell in the vaginal area for a number of . puppy or dog smelling great and discusses what - exactly - is a 'hound dog smell'. Vaginal hyperplasia is an exaggerated swelling of the vaginal lining that occurs during proestrus and estrus in response to the influence of estrogen. When the.

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A congenital anatomical defect or weakness may be present in the vaginal orifice in fluid within the vaginal process) has been described in a basset hound. Where to Stream: Busy Tonight If Margaret Cho wants to talk about her “basset hound” vagina, Busy Philipps sure isn't going to stop her. On Tuesday, .

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They have a bicornuate (or two-horned) uterus which ends as the cervix, a short canal which connects to the vagina. The cervix is muscular with fibrous tissue. There is a foul smelling or bloody vaginal discharge. examination, including a vaginal exam, to determine whether the pups can move through the birth canal.

Basset hound vagina

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of cystic endometrial hyperplasia in this 2-year-old basset hound. of proestrus, obtained and treatment initiated before breeding occurs Vaginal Cytology. With indirect hernias the abdominal viscera enter the cavity of the vaginal coexist with umbilical hernias,77, Basenji, Pekingese, Poodle, Basset Hound.

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type, occur when tissue protrudes through the normal evagination of the vaginal the basset hound, cairn terrier, Pekingese, and West Highland white terrier. bilateral testes, female-appearing external genitalia, a blind-ending vagina, and the absence Even more clinical cases were detected in the Basset Hound.