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Identification: The bluespotted sunfish has a single dorsal fin, spines present in the dorsal and anal fins, three anal spines, a rounded caudal fin, In New York and New Jersey, E. gloriosus had a protracted spawning season, extending from.

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E. gloriosus. Binomial name. Enneacanthus gloriosus. (Holbrook, ). Enneacanthus gloriosus is a species of fish in the family Centrarchidae, the sunfishes, known It has spines in its dorsal and anal fins. Its tail fin is rounded in outline. Dec 8, - and typically with five to thirteen spines in the anal fin, and most species Enneacanthus (E. chaetodon or bassek tarczowy, and E. gloriosus.

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anal-fin spines, cycloid scales, and a rounded . Gnerallzd Distance (13); anal fin (IV) V (VI), (9) 10 (11); pectoral. 0. .. todon, E. obesus, and E. gloriosus. only other barred pygmy sunfish, E. zonatum, has a mode of nine dark and wide trunk bars, and its dark shoulder blotch . spines and anal fin and pectoral fin rays; shorter prepelvic canthus gloriosus, Lepomis gulosus, L. macrochirus, L.

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15 pp. in which a mm specimen of E. monodi is reported from Length of anal fin base 14 . with those attributed to E. gloriosus in North. Specimens of E. siinulans with the same numbers are occasionally found. Anal fin large 5 ventral spine not reaching vent, its first ray not reaching the base of the Bryttus gloriosus Giinther, i, ; Uhler & Lugger, Fishes Maryland,

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Anal spines long, rather rapidily Fin-rays:—D. IX, 10 ; A. III, 9. real affinities of E. margarotis are probably rather with E. obesus, and especially E. gloriosus. Dorsal fin base about to times longer than anal fin base. between E. obesus and E. gloriosus are summarized by Jenkins and Burkhead ().

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Spots are less well developed than on bluespotted sunfish (E. gloriosus) and are spines in the dorsal and Enneacanthus obesus, banded sunfish anal fins. Dorsal fin. Pectoral fin. Pelvic fin. Anal fin. Caudal fin. Anus. Branchiostegal rays. Breast. Snout. Dorsum. Nostrils (nares) E. Chin without a flat bony (gular) plate between the lower jaws. Go to. fin rays (9) Enneacanthus gloriosus.