Geriatric cats fur grows back shaved

Can help geriatric cats fur grows back shaved

If the cat is healthy its fur can grow back amazingly fast. It is a lot quicker for a short haired cat, though. When my cats have had surgery the spots that had been shaved hid the incision, or cut place, within a month or two.

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Now I know it is very common for fur to grow back another color, such as white, around an incision or wound and that's not what I'm asking about. The odd thing is that everywhere she was shaved is growing back light grey or even white. No, I don't think badly of you at all. I only asked because sometimes people think "Oh, my cat will feel better (for example, in hot weather) if she's shaved," not taking into account that fur isn't like hair and doesn't grow the same way.

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Best Answer: Your cat didn't have to be shaved because of fur lumps your cat had to be shaved because YOU didn't bother to comb her regularly to keep the coat from matting. Cats might desire to be shaved for surgical it grows decrease back. a pal of mine's cat had to have surgical treatment on it is head. It appeared humorous with merely one million/2 a head of over the years the kitty appeared merely like she consistently did.

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I have started to worry. I know that its summer and her fur is usually a lot thinner, but it has never been like this. My cat is half bald, so to speak. She's from a Himalayan Persian father and a black Persian mother so, as you can see on her "before" picture, my cat's fur is beautiful normally. Woman horrified after Pets at Home staff shave her cat's fur off. Long-haired cat Ollie went for a trim and style but ended up with a 'number one' all-over.

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Before surgery, including spaying, cats and kittens get shaved, and it grows back in a few weeks. I've had older cats (10 years old) have surgery, and they get shaved and the fur grows back in a few weeks. If, however, the hair on your cat's belly truly never did grow back, it seems unlikely that it ever will. As to why it never grew back, if not as a result of her grooming habits, I really couldn't say. But it seems unlikely that Nami is really annoyed by not having fur on her belly. She may seem annoyed or be bothered by whatever underlying issue, whether a physical allergy or an emotional.

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She said it causes the fur to grow back in some spots and not in others, and thumbed along kitty's back to show me where these spots were. I didn't see anything weird, but then again I don't look at or shave cats all day. AFTER SHAVING HOW FOR FUR TO GROW BACK - Answered by a verified Cat Vet We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them.