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Nov 1, - Keep your high school math students engaged with these techniques. Effective teachers focus attention on the less interested students as.

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May 27, - Below are six ways to motivate struggling teens to stay on task: Pay Attention. Parents often assume that teens do not need the same amount of attention they received when they were younger. Communicate. Don't Make Excuses. Recognize Achievements. Celebrate Strengths. Never Give Up. May 25, - Except in cases of depression, I have never seen an unmotivated adolescent. Teenagers may lack the motivation a parent wants - to try harder.

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The TeachThought Podcast Ep. Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom reading, there is a growing trend of many becoming unmotivated readers. May 25, - "I don't think my teacher was very good and it felt like a waste of time going to You may have a child who refuses to learn maths or spelling, but you don't find yourself with a teenager who hates anything to do with reading.

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I've heard it said that it's normal for teens to be unmotivated. Although that Or consider a science or math olympiad to challenge his mind. For example, I could ask my son, "Have you ever considered teaching rugby to younger students? Feb 14, - “Ian, if you don't get started now, I will not help you with your math.” Teaching them to make space for failure is a monumental task and often.